The biggest albums and hits in the world were created without any music formulas.
IT WAS ARTISTS WHO MADE MUSIC FOR MUSIC. Always and everywhere, they used every stage in the world. Whether in the club, a bar, the street or in the garage: they were free and unconstrained from all conventions - regardless of trends and followers - all for the love of music and the desire to communicate to the world through their inspiring texts.

Amna also dedicates herself to the rush of Music! Inspired by life, the lyrics simply flow out of her. The exceptional talent does not mince words and probably manages to hit the audience right in the heart with her passion. In the upcoming album "The Truth" Amna juggles with profound feelings: joy, anger, fear, as well as sadness - everything finds its way back to her authentic music and inspires the audience to feel themselves again.


Amna herself says:
"my music is hard to describe - you just have to experience it".